Native-Portland video production studio with an emphasis on authenticity, emotional connection and dynamic visual style. With a commitment to excellence and connections to current culture movements, we stand on the forefront of the next generation of creative media with soulful + cutting-edge video.

Quincy Davis, founder, grew up in Portland with the creative influences of a writer/dancer mother and a cinematographer-father. He experimented with video + editing at an early age and in high school he took a video editing class where he discovered what he wanted to do in life. “My passion for creative expression was sparked when I realized the infinite possibilities to paint the canvas with music and visuals.” After Quincy’s student work was shown in film festivals, he was awarded a scholarship to attend an art school across the country. After a year, with disappointment in the education system, he returned to his hometown to pursue music-production and self-education. Through trials and tribulations, Quincy found himself on the path of personal growth, self-empowerment, global awareness and culture bridging, that have become a reflection of his work.

Quincy is also a music-producer / recording artist and released his debut album in 2013, Soul Minor – PerMission to Shine.

Notable projects:

  • Behind Being (2014) Documentary-short exploring the hidden power of art & traditional culture rooted in community, in Indonesia
  • Soul Minor – Deja Vu (2014) Music video journeying into shadows of the past
  • Subconscious War (2011) Documentary-short about media programming and the reality of war and in western society

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